About Us

About Atchison Companies


Atchison Companies operates its own small businesses & fully understands the concerns, needs & wants of the small business owner. 
We work with small business owner's to significantly improve their business by building a clear 12 - 18-month strategic roadmap.


We operate with a collaborative, hands-on style to develop high-performance leadership teams. Our proven business method is based on Lean/Continuous Improvement, the Entrepreneurial Operating System for Small Business (EOS) & a high 'fun factor'.  When you find your business in an emergency leadership on-call situation, we can help you craft an interim or bridge CEO solution.
We invest in small businesses with revenues between $1 & $10 Million based in the Upper Midwest.  Business must show the potential to be highly profitable in an established segment of its defined market. To include value-adding exports. 

We are reliable

Dean Atchison has served the broadcasting, small business banking, non-profit & manufacturing sectors since 1985. He has earned a reputation as a straight-shooter, a hands-on leader, a trusted partner & a person who delivers results.  He found his niche working with small business, his passion is assisting small business owners find a better way forward, sustainable growth & job satisfaction.

We are professional

Our operating style is open, honest & clear.  Generally, prospective clients do not incur any fees for the first meeting or two, as we explore challenges, needs & 'fit'. When the client indicates that they would like to engage Atchison Companies, we prepare a written Consulting Agreement that clearly lays out the scope of work, the 'deliverables', the timeline & the fees for service.  Atchison Companies does not require a long-term commitment & a one week cancellation notice is standard in the Consulting Agreement. We don't like surprises any more than you do as such, we provide the written Consulting Agreement in an effort to eliminate misunderstandings &/or confusion. 

We are problem solvers

Over our careers we've proven to ourselves that problems are simply opportunities for improvement. With this mindset, we enjoy digging into challenges & problems. Our first order of business is to identify the root cause for a problem & then to begin developing countermeasures. We often do this by using proven Lean &/or Six Sigma tools. The scientific method works & small business owners can us it to solve problems & make quantum leaps in the performance of their companies. Ultimately, our goal is to teach/coach/mentor your team & to develop a team of gifted problem-solvers working inside your company. The best consultants work themselves out of a job by making themselves obsolete.