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August 12, 2017

August 2017

It’s been a busy summer & a trip outside the comfort zone.  Establishing Atchison Companies is just a logical extension of what I have been doing the last several years.  I love to work with & assist small business owners…everything from startups needing guidance on structure, capital acquisition, sales process management, etc. to long-established, generational companies that have run into performance, cash flow, leadership, succession, etc. challenges.  A fair amount of my time is allocated to sourcing, analyzing & negotiating mergers & acquisitions.  All of this energizes me & fuels my passion. So, building a company that envelops all of these areas just made sense.

Over the last couple of months I have 

  • Reviewed & analyzed a number of potential small business acquisitions in the Upper Midwest (No announcements to make yet but, STAY TUNED)
  • Coached a start-up company through the first stages of a financial & performance turn-around
  • Filled a 6-week interim Chief Operating Officer position for a regional transportation firm 
  • Consulted & overseen a performance & quality improvement project for a manufacturing firm
  • Established my own start-up company focused on small business M&A, consulting, culture/performance improvement & interim leadership/succession
  • Advised a regional manufacturing company on the recruiting process for a key production leadership position
  • Participated in strategic ‘roadmapping’ sessions with 2 companies based in the upper Midwest
The wheels are turning fast & I am contacted almost daily with new opportunities to assist fellow small business owners. It’s challenging, every day is a new adventure, it’s fun & it’s what I love to do.