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If you find yourself in a challenging, emergency situation requiring an interim leadership solution, we can help.  We have a network of experienced, proven leaders who can step-in on an interim basis to lead your company or a key department. Often this interim solution can be put in place while a more permanent solution is identified through a well-considered recruitment process. When you need leadership NOW, give us a call & we can discuss options & solutions.  An often overlooked or ignored issue for many small businesses is exit/succession planning. Making the time to engage on this important matter is one of the most valuable decisions a small business owner can make.  The best time to start planning for your exit/succession, is the day you buy/start your business...nobody ever does that so the next best time to begin is 5-7 years prior to your exit/succession.  With a long small business banking history & having acquired two small businesses, we have a unique perspective on the metrics & the processes that optimize the value of your business.  We also understand the family, employee, industry & community considerations that enter into the exit/succession planning discussion.  Putting this issue off is always a costly decision. Let's discuss your wants & needs for a successful exit/succession event so we can develop an action plan & a timeline that meets your objectives.