Dean is the embodiment of energy and the pursuit of excellence for all the teams, projects and organizations of which he is part. He constantly strives to learn, grow and be better every day as a person and as a leader. Iím a grateful for his mentorship and friendship and feel it is has helped to shape my leadership and the organizations Iíve been a part of in my career. Time with Dean is the gift that keeps on giving.

I have had the opportunity to work with Dean and Sarah in the ongoing development of two of their companies. They have the ability to see the potential for an organization and then develop a strategic plan to achieve results. Dean and Sarah also know thy cannot do it alone, they are committed to identifying the right talent necessary to reach their plans, and then they motivate, encourage and support their team to ensure that the desired results are achieved and surpassed. They know the power of developing a strong culture of success, but that success is always rooted in a sense of community involving a double obligation; to understand the needs and development of their associates, but also work to make an impact on both a local and global scale. I would not hesitate to work with Dean and Sarah in any of my business ventures.
Curtis Biller, President ~ Strengths Inc.

I have known and worked with Dean for over 20 year; part of this time while we were in banking together and now since he and Sarah have started Atchison Companies. Dean is a man of the utmost character and humility. This along with his diverse experience, wisdom and communication style makes him a tremendous leader. One of his best attributes is that he makes others more successful! This is what I see he and Sarah doing together through Atchison Companies.
John Satrom, President/CEO ~ Northwestern Bank, N.A.

Atchison has successfully worked with companies that had an established customer base and products and through his leadership, those companies have grown exponentially. His financial background coupled with his manufacturing knowledge has given him a unique approach to business that has proven successful for many years. Atchison Companies' businesses have won numerous awards for corporate culture, work environment, philanthropy and sales growth. This is a direct result of Atchison's ability to instill great values and an ownership mentality inside every employee from the manufacturing floor to the top managers.
Scott Emerine, Co-Owner ~ Branding Iron

Dean Atchison understands that Lean Manufacturing is not a silver bullet for business success. Lean is not about cost cutting or efficiency. It's about removing waste from a process and increasing the value-added activities of our day. It only works when a culture of continuous improvement is developed in an organization. Dean gets it. Dean's commitment to continuous improvement is a major reason for Spectrum Aeromed's success. From sales to engineering and production, he drove a bold vision of being the world's best provider of air ambulance equipment and supported us as we transformed from a small shop to a world-class, INC 500-listed, AS9100-certified company. Thanks for your leadership.
Michael Gallagher ~ Spectrum Aeromed

I have known Dean on a personal and professional level for many years. Whenever I have needed support, encouragement or a new idea he has always been able to provide me the expertise and knowledge I need to go in the right direction. I would encourage anyone that needs assistance or a fresh set of eyes to look at an existing business or new business, to reach out to Dean. He will provide the perspective you need to deliver an enhanced solution.
Annette Ambuehl, President ~ BlackRidge Insurance

I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Dean and Sarah. I have witnessed the work of the Atchison Companies first hand. I have a very good relationship with many people at a company that was acquired by Atchison Companies. I watched how these people went from being good at what they do to striving to be great. I feel they are much more inspired. I also know that they all have grown and have been given the tools, on going training, support and encouragement to excel in their respected positions. Dean and Sarah invest and empower their team members an they invest in the local community as well. They make it a big deal to support the local community! I am very impressed and I look up to Dean and Sarah and there is no doubt in my mind that they will have continued success.
Chad Falls, Director of Sales ~ APR Plastic Fabricating